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Exceptional measures for the companies affected by coronavirus disease 2019 have been set up.

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Are you a non-French undertaking with no establishment in France and employing one or more employees in France?
Are you a non-French national employing domestic or private staff in France?


These employees must be registered with the French social security scheme and you must finance their social protection by declaring and paying the corresponding contributions.


The national centre for non-French companies (‘Centre National des Firmes Étrangères’ - CNFE) is your contact for handling your administrative procedures.


The CNFE fulfils the same role as the CFE and collects social contributions from:


- Non-French undertakings with no establishment in France which employ one or more employees in France;

- Those undertakings falling within the scope of application of Regulation EEC 883/2004 and Regulation EEC 987/2009 regarding the situation of employees with multiple activities, according to the situations regarding criteria for residence or substantial activity, including performing artistes;

- Cases where applications to maintain cover under the social scheme of the country of origin (secondment*) have been rejected as being not valid.

The following employees fall outside the scope of the CNFE:


- Occasional performers and technicians employed by a non-professional organiser of live performances, who are required to register and pay contributions to the one-stop office dealing with occasional performances (‘Guichet Unique du Spectacle Occasionnel’ - GUSO);

- Professionals in the bullfighting sector (matadors in Spanish- and Portuguese-style corridas, banderilleros, picadors, matadors’ assistants and general assistants), who are required to register with the URSSAF office for the Languedoc-Roussillon region;

- Employees of undertakings registered in Monaco, who are required to register with the URSSAF office for the Provence Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.